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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Join Me in a Special Project for Indie Authors

Greetings everyone,

I am working on a new Biographical Coaching project created especially for indie authors.(Biographical Work is a spiritual coaching technique)

Every second Sunday, my blog will provide a platform for a different indie writer to present their work, combined with a Biographical Coaching session. The aim is to help writers set and reach their goal, guided by their Biographical Life Map Principles.

A few words about me:

A writer and a Biographical Work consultant.

My first book, Identifying The Hidden Thread, a Biographical Journy, was published in Israel in 2009. The book is a guide to drawing a life map based on the Biographical Work principles.

I am the initiator of various workshops such as Identifying the Hidden Thread and Biographical Experience. Have toaught in various colleges in Israel as well as the University of Haifa.

In addition, have worked for several years with the prisoners and staff of a prison in the south of Israel and have moderated a workshop on dreams for families who were victims of terrorist activities.

Throughout my years as a biographical coach, I have seen just how effective the Biographical Coaching technique is in many different areas of life. It was through conscious use of my biographical principles that I was able to complete writing my first two books. At present I am working on my third book, Princess Maya Meets Prince Karma—the continuation of my second book Princess Maya and the Crystal Ball. This book, too, is being written using my personal life map.

The central idea for the project is that following the initial Sunday internet coaching session—which will include an interview, a biographical analysis, and a coaching plan — your personal progress will be documented in each of our blogs. Your blog will express your point of view as an independent writer in coaching; mine will express my point of view as a biographical coach and independent writer.

In order to achieve the best possible results, the coaching procedure will take place as needed, via Skype or other means.

You will benefit from the Biographical Coaching process and exposure as a writer, and I, too, will benefit from the exposure, as a biographical coach and indie author.

If you are an independent writer (even if you are writing your first book at the moment) and would like to take part in this project, you are invited to contact me via email ( and provide the following information:
• a short bio
• have you published a book/books?
• your age (an important detail in biographical coaching)
• how long have you been writing?
• the genre in which you write
• goals you would like to reach (your broader goals)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Successful writing,